Philadelphia MDMA Addiction Treatment

Philadelphia MDMA Addiction Treatment

Philadelphia MDMA addiction treatment centers provides assistance to those who suffer from addiction. As with other stimulants, MDMA causes heightened blood pressure, unsteadiness, poor coordination and nausea. In many cases, hyperthermia, or raised body temperature, is in evidence, as well. It is an effect that can harm the kidneys and liver. This can be especially dangerous; when a liver that isn't healthy enough to break down MDMA, it can result toxic reactions in the body.

While MDMA can be highly dangerous in combination with other drugs, users often inadvertently take MDMA cocktails when drug pushers mix them into capsules for added effect. Combining MDMA with another stimulant such as cocaine, for instance, can result in blood pressure raised to levels high enough to cause cardiac arrest.

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Cases of MDMA Overdose

While the media tends to often report instances of MDMA overdose, the term is usually incorrectly used. Technically, overdoses result from taking doses that are too high for safety. When deaths from MDMA consumption occur, though, they do not usually involve high doses. Rather, these tragedies result from hyperthermia, or from the consumption of too much water.

Is MDMA Addictive?

MDMA produces its euphoric effects by acting on the same brain regions as hard-core drugs. While not many studies exist to conclusively establish the level of addictiveness that MDMA comes with, the drug is suspected to be somewhat less addictive than other drugs.

When a person attempts to quit using MDMA, the withdrawal symptoms usually start within 12 hours of the last dose taken. Symptoms include anxiety, depression, hallucinations, fatigue, nightmares and seizures.

While it is possible to taper off MDMA at home over a period of several weeks, it is important remember that psychological dependence can be very difficult to overcome. People attempting to quit the drug at home often simply give in to the cravings. Treatment at a professional facility is highly recommended. Not only do professional rehab centers offer competent detoxification, the offer the therapeutic intervention that is essential for long-term sobriety, as well.

Getting Help

Although there isn't a specific detox program used to wean users off MDMA, Philadelphia drug detox programs can help people find a facility where they may detox as safely as possible. Other group therapy programs like Narcotics Anonymous ( help addicts figure out why they started using substances in the first place. If you feel like you have nowhere to turn, drug rehab centers in Philadelphia can help you find a treatment center.

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