Alcohol Rehabs in Philadelphia, PA

Alcohol rehabs in Philadelphia are facilities with treatment plans for alcohol abuse. Alcohol abuse, part of the alcohol use disorder spectrum, is a psychiatric diagnosis of a person who continues to drink alcohol despite the negative consequences. At Alcohol Treatment Centers Philadelphia, friendly staff is waiting to help you find a treatment center. To find out more about your treatment options, dial (877) 804-1531.

Signs of Alcohol Abuse

  • Physical signs
  • Blackouts
  • Injury to drinker or others while drinking.


  • Problems at work or school due to drinking.
  • Drinking in risky situations
  • Legal problems due to drinking
  • Loved ones are concerned about the person's drinking habits.


  • Health problems arise from drinking, but drinking still continues.
  • Weight loss
  • Sore or upset stomach
  • Red cheeks and nose


Alcohol Abuse Transitions to Addiction

Consuming alcohol over long periods of time changes the brain's structure and chemistry. Tolerance and physical dependence can develop. As the brain changes, the individual develops the inability to stop drinking and has compulsions to drink. Alcohol withdrawal syndrome results when the person tries to decrease or stop drinking.

Alcohol Abuse and Common Secondary Addictions

People who abuse alcohol may have a secondary addiction to sweets. This is related to replacing the intake of sugar garnered from alcohol. People who abuse alcohol may display addictive behaviors while under the influence. Behaviors displayed include sex, eating, gambling, shopping and smoking.

Dangerous Health Symptoms

Delirium Tremens is a serious, potentially fatal alcohol withdrawal symptom. Someone who is experiencing DTs needs to seek professional help and be medically supervised, preferably in an alcoholism treatment center. An individual who has DTs can exhibit seizures, hallucinations and increased agitation due to changes in the CNS. Blood pressure, pulse rates and body temperature can all be elevated, leading to severe and serious outcomes.

Entering an alcoholism rehab center for medical alcohol detox will safely help those experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Certain medications can be used to help those in recovery. Prescription drugs used to treat alcohol withdrawal in a detox program include benzodiazepines such as Valium, Librium and Ativan, to control tremors, shakiness, anxiety and confusion. These drugs will also help reduce the risk of DTs and seizures. Other drugs to help manage withdrawal are antipsychotics to help with hallucinations, beta-blockers and blood pressure drugs and anticonvulsants.

Usefulness of Alcohol Rehab in Treating Alcoholism

Alcohol rehabs in Philadelphia have treatment plans lasting from 30 - 45 days. An extended stay helps an individual receive treatment in an environment where there is no temptation to drink.

Initially, a medical and psychological evaluation is conducted. The rehab center uses this assessment to plan a treatment program.

The next step is a medical detox. This aids the body to function without alcohol. Medications, a nutritious diet and sleep make the detox transition go as smoothly as possible.

Therapy begins after detox is completed. Group therapy with other substance abusers is one of the most effective treatment options for alcoholism. The sharing of addiction issues and talking with people who are going through similar struggles helps a person recover. Alcohol rehabs in Philadelphia can help you find individual therapy sessions.

Once alcohol rehab treatment in a residential facility is completed, aftercare plans with support services are administered. Helping the transition back into living life alcohol-free is made easier and more comfortable. Aftercare services are also available, with sober living houses and halfway houses may help make the transition even easier.

Alcohol Treatment Centers Philadelphia can be reached at (877) 804-1531. They are there to help you find the best treatment possible.

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