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The effects of alcohol and other drugs are generally the result of complex chemical changes that occur in the body. Although researchers have studied the main effects of each drug, the whole variety of effects is still being discovered. Combining drugs such as marijuana and alcohol or the abuse of multiple drugs is common in addicts. Since these interactions are hard to predict, they can be dangerous. As more people abuse marijuana, the use of it and alcohol combined, increases, and it is becoming more common.

Some of the effects of using marijuana and alcohol may include:

  • Lowering the level of brain activity.
  • Affecting body functions such as the lungs, the heart, and digestion.
  • Effects on the brain produced mainly from weed, which may include mental confusion and hallucinations.

The abuse of weed and alcohol can limit the user. Using these drugs combined can lead to further abuse. Marijuana has been used medically to increase appetite and control nausea. These properties when combined with alcohol can cause the user to consume more alcohol, which can lead to alcohol poisoning or severe intoxication. Users who have been experimenting with marijuana for a short period of time may not be aware of what's going on and quickly lose control when using both substances together.

Long-term consequences of this mixture have not been well researched yet chronic abuse has proven to cause clear impacts on the mental health of the patient and increase the risks for mood disorders.

Drugs and alcohol producing unfamiliar and unsettling experiences for the user can affect brain chemistry. Many drinkers know how to dose themselves with alcohol, but weed doses are harder to regulate. Likewise, each individual responds differently. The aftermath can be devastating when multiple addictive substances are combined, leading the user to multiple dependences and making them experience the effects of drug interactions that might be too complex or harder to treat. Talk to an addiction specialist about which alcohol rehab center or drug treatment center offers the best programs to treat your addiction. Call Alcohol Treatment Centers Philadelphia at (877) 804-1531.

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